May Bird and the Ever After: Book One

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Reviewed by Nick
Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Illustrations: Leonid Gore
Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Great story writing and dark, mysterious fun.

What I liked: This book is about a girl named, yes, May Bird. She falls into a lake, which is actually a portal to another realm. A realm with ghosts, ghouls, and demons. Overrun by an evil spirit, the Ever After is slowly falling into danger. Read this intruiging story, and the many adventures of Ether to find the Book of the Dead, which holds the future to the universe and her way back home.

May Bird and the Ever After is also filled with a lot of lovable and despicable characters, but rememberable all the same. Such as Pumpkin, Alister, and of course, Somber Kitty. A uniquely fun story that you won’t find every day; it compells you to turn every page. A time passer that will make you want to pass the time with.

Didn’t like: In some parts you start to think its getting to dark and gloomy, but then something shocking happens. Every chapter! There’s nothing really bad about this book in my opinion.

Additional: Great descriptive writing that is easy to read at the same time.

Recommend for: All ages, mostly young teens.

May Bird and the Ever After

May Bird Among the Stars

May Bird Warrior Princes

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7 Responses to “May Bird and the Ever After: Book One”

  1. VC Dan Says:

    Sounds great. I’m wondering why it wasn’t 5 donuts — or is that reserved for the real masterpieces (like Ricky Bobby)??

  2. Nick Says:

    I’m still considering that score. I really like it alot, it could change the more I think about it.

  3. Galvanized Says:

    Nick, more book reviews! (I noticed it’s not a choice up top for what to do most this month.) My twins (11) love to read. I notice that the guys love Rick Riordan and Suzanne Collins. Have you ever read the Gregor the Underlander series or the Percy Jones stuff?

  4. Nick Says:

    Im in the process of Gregor the Overlander. Probably do reviews of books Poison and Enders Game, but those might be a little up there.

    At 11 I read Half magic, Coraline, Whales on Stilts, all great books. Also some Series of Unforturante events are good, along with some books by Frank Peretti. I would also recommend the Hobbit as a wonderful bedtime story. Although im not familiar with Percy Jones. I will have to look into that. thank you

  5. Galvanized Says:

    Sure. :) And I meant “Overlander.” I always say/write “underlander.” grrr. Thanks for those other titles. My boys are looking for some good summer reading, so that definitely helps.

  6. Marco Says:

    I loved this book and while I’m only half way through Book 2 “Among the Stars” I love this series and can hardly wait to finish.

    I enjoy this series so much I honestly, truly hope that this series is made into a movie.

    Who here believes that this story has earned such that honor?

  7. Nick Says:

    I think it would be very good as a movie. L8!

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