Testing out Wordpress for my KidReviewer blog

la la la, my brother is a donkey. Testing 1, 2, 3…

There’s alot of different in how I set up my theme in old Blogger vs. the WordPress method, so I’m working on that now. Still lots of little things to fix, but I’m very excited about getting started in WordPress. Blogger was okay, …

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Australian Music, TV, and Movies

Movie Review

Kids Down Under
(A guest post by Paige Green)
Greetings from the great land of Oz – that’s Australia of course. When most people think about Australia they think of kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles – maybe the Wiggles and Bindi Irwin. Some people might think we’re a country of crocodile hunters who go around …

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Cool Coat Hangers

Nick ChatterI was recently Stumbling (stumbleupon.com), and I came across this cool wall hooks website. It’s a few of the wierdest and coolest coat hangers I’ve ever seen. Thought you guys might want to check it out!

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10 Ways for a Kid to Raise Money for Camp

Nick Chatter I recently found out about an awesome summer camp for teen film makers. You go there, and make 4 movies in 2 weeks, learning all the fundamentals along the way. The camp is in association with the Sunscreen Film Festival, which has attracted big name actors and filmmakers to the …

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Youth Bloggers Network – Web Review

Website ReviewRating (1-5):Site:www.youthbloggers.netGenre: Community site and forumSummary:Since writing my first Kid Blogs and Kid Bloggers post, I knew a community would start to form for serious kid bloggers. The Youth Bloggers Network is on the right track!I was invited to check out the YBN by the founder and admin Patrick DeVivo. Patrick is a …

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