Parkour Video and Parkour Soccer?

Extreme SportsLately I’ve really been into Parkour, also called freerunning. Here’s a video I made with my friend Devonte and I parkouring in a local park:Parkour Soccer?This video caught my eye! These guys show some amazing skills combining parkour, acrobatics, and soccer:If you have cool videos or stories about parkour, drop a comment.

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Hasbro Cloverfield Monster Figure – UNVEILED

Movie Review According to several sources, Hasbro will be unveiling their Cloverfield monster figure today, Feb. 15. Two members of Unfiction have claimed to receive notice of the unveiling after they pre-purchased the figure from Hasbro Toy Shop. If this is true, as soon as a picture is posted I’ll get it on here.(hat …

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American Idol Top 24 Finalists

Nick ChatterAmerican Idol has narrowed the field to the Top 24 Finalists for 2008. Pick your winner now so you can brag about your genius for spotting talent later.FOXMenArchuleta, 17, Murray, UTColton Berry, 18, Staunton, VARobbie Carrico, 26, Melbourne, FLJason Castro, 20, Rockwall, TXDavid Cook, 25, Tulsa, OKChikezie Eze, 22, Inglewood, CAGarrett Haley, 17, …

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Superbowl 2008 Commercials Not Great, but Funny

Nick ChatterI watched the superbowl 2008 commercials last night, and some of the game. I thought it was a pretty funny group, though not as good as some years. I rated them as they came along, 1 – 5. At the end of the night, I only had three superbowl commercials with a ‘5′ …

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Groundhog Day – Phil says More Winter

Hot StuffLooks like there’s gonna be more cold for us here in the US.”Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) — The groundhog called Phil emerged from his burrow thismorning in central Pennsylvania and saw his shadow, which according to legendsignals there will be six more weeks of winter in the U.S. “

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