Summer Creativity: Sunscreen Movie Camp


As you know, it is summer! Now I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like doing something fun for 2011. My idea of fun, as you may have read in one of my earlier posts, is making a film. And now that its summer, it’s time for the summer 2011 Camp for …

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Five Cool Features

Cool Web Sites

What can be done with Photoshop in the new CS5 is just sick. To think of the hours saved with some of these features. I wish I could afford it. Thanks to TerryWhiteTechBlog for the demo. Check out these five amazing tools:

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CollegeHumor – If All Movies Had Cell Phones

Movie ReviewCollegeHumor has some more adult-type stuff, but they are also making some original movies that are pretty funny. Check this one out:

Another really cool thing I came across was a photograpy and video technique called ’tilt-shift photography’. It takes normal real scenes and makes them look like toy villages, boats, people, etc. You …

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Mandles, Web Kaleidoscope, and a Kid Blogger

Nick ChatterI saw this video commercial for Mandles! at RingtailSquealer, where I think ‘The Mrs’ got it from Whatever, it’s funny: always delivers. This time, a virtual Kaliedoscope. Good for wasting at least 10 minutes of your life amusing your eyeballs.Shout out to 12 year SnakeKing, another Kid Blogger does his thing!

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Fantastic Contraption – Fun for the Kid Engineer

Game ReviewRating (1-5):Site:www.FantasticContraption.comGenre: Puzzle/strategy gameSummary: Very easy to get started, good controls, and lots of fun.The Fantastic Contraption online game is extremely addictive. That is, of course, if you enjoy fun games, that make you think a little. The idea is to move a small ball or square into a ‘goal’ area. You move …

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