Welcome Kid Blogger: Zawan

Nick ChatterWelcome Zawan, of Sudan, to the community of kid bloggers! Your Zawan’s Blog is coming along well and has a good mix of topics. I encourage other kid bloggers to add Zawan to your list of sites to check out. And thanks for the KidReviewer mention.

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ManiaTV Features News for Video Game Junkies

Video Game ReviewVideo game fans may want to check out an online gaming show on ManiaTV called “Arcade”.The quality of the show is decent, and really listens to gamers about games. The show hosts are Rob and Turtle, and they plan to deliver updates on top games, machines, and the gamers themselves.Tomorrow’s episode features …

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Grooveshark-Lite Music Sharing Launch

Website ReviewRating (1-5):Reviewed by NickGrooveshark Music Sharing WebsiteType of Site: Music Sharing CommunityListen! Grooveshark.com is an awesome website for music lovers everywhere, and they just launched Grooveshark Lite. As a music lover I’m lovin’ it. It’s so easy to navigate through it. The easy-to-use style reminds me of Google. The search is extremely easy, …

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Lip Sync Flagpole Sitta – Hot Vimeo Video

Nick ChatterI saw this video on a mom’s blog, and thought it was awesome. These people look like they have alot of fun at work. I love how they shot it all in one take, with no splicing, and everyone’s timing was perfect. If you know of other cool videos, let me know in …

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Customize Cool Signs at GlassGiant.com

Website ReviewGlass Giant Web SiteRating (1-5):Reviewed by NickType of Site: Cool WidgetsCheck out http://www.glassgiant.com/. I found this site because I wanted to make a sign for KidReviewer and it popped up on Google. I was amazed with how many types of sign-making tools there were. You can make signs from anything. You can customize …

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