Filmmaking in Tampa Bay – My first film gigs

Nick Chatter

Hey everyone! It’s been so long and I’m really sorry. But I have a legit excuse. :) I raised the money for that film workshop! I didn’t think I could do it, and I don’t even know how I did in the end, but the point is that I went. And it was AWESOME! I learned SO much. This probably doesn’t make sense, but I learned all about the 3 column rule, and the 180 rule, and what sticks, stingers, and gels are. I soaked in all of it and I’m so glad because I am officially a film maker!!!! I got a certificate to prove it! I also have a DVD of the film we produced, “The Perfect Guy”, but need to get it converted for the web. I really like being behind the camera.

Now I know your probably thinking, “Nick, you’ve been gone for longer than two weeks.” And there’s a reason for that too. I made a couple connections with the teachers there. And then the next week, one of them, Dave Haas, was directing a short film that he wanted me to help out with! Of course, I said I would be honored. So I had to wake up at 4 am, for crew call at 6am, but it was worth it. It was so much fun, it was my first actual shoot! Here’s a slide show of pics from the set:

Then the next two days, a teacher from the camp, Dave DeBorde, was filming the pilot for a sitcom called “Spinners”. Dave Haas was the D.P. (camera guy), and he got to use the RED, which is a really good camera. I had to wake up at 4 both days and there was some tough work involved. I was dead tired but it was the greatest experience of my life so far! I definitely want to do that for the rest of my life! Here’s some pics from the set of Spinners:

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