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Reviewed by Nick

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Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leslie Bibb

Genre: Action

Summary: This movie is jam-packed with action and fun, and is without a doubt a must movie of ’08.
What I liked: Robert Downey Jr. does a great acting job in this movie, and is the best possible choice for Iron Man in my opinion. He’s very funny, and has plays his character with a cool attitude. Some of the technology introduced in Tony Stark’s house is truly amazing. I wondered why they haven’t made holographic computers or fire extinguishing robots for our time yet.
I loved the iron man suit. It was sleek, and and just made you wish you could slip into it and take off flying. The flying parts were very cool, like a ninja motorbike in the air. And you can’t help but get like the heavy metal Ironman soundtrack; it reeks of POWER.

Building ironman's suit image Dark spider photo from Spiderman 3 movie review Ironman flying image

Didn’t like: None of the actors/actress’s performances were outstanding, but they weren’t bad enough to distract me from the movie. As usual, director Jon Favreau is more than likely creating a sequel, but judging by some of the interviews I found, it could just be a box office blunder. One of the things I didn’t like about the movie is that it just went on one path the whole time. He built his suit and then went to fight some people. Then he made some adjustments and went to fight the main villain of the movie. The main villain didn’t impress me, and his fight with him wasn’t as cool as the earlier action, but the effects and camera work were good.

>>Dad: “I liked this more than I thought I would. It’s very slick. I thought the first 75% were a really cool adaptation of the comic book hero, but then it faded a little at the end.

Recommend for: All ages.

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4 Responses to “Iron Man Movie Review (2008)”

  1. Zawan Says:

    looks like a not bad movie, but the thing is I don’t like action hero movies… except Spiderman…
    And II’ll have to watch the dark knight

  2. Diesel Generators Says:

    I was really surprised by this film. Who would have thought that out of all the superhero films that have been made that a iron man would possibly be the best.

  3. Jaimin Says:

    I like action movies, Iron Man is nice action movie. But Joker is my favorite character and Dark Night is more better.

  4. watch eragon online for free Says:

    Fantastic work buddy, continue the good work.

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