What is Critical Thinking? Video


Here’s a short film I produced with some friends. It was for a video contest; the challenge was to make a short film promoting critical thinking.

NEWS! — An administrator from the California Public Schools contacted me and asked for permission to use this video in their classrooms. I agreed, of course, and would extend the offer to any public or private school that would like to use this short video to kick off a discussion about Critical Thinking. I just ask that you pop me an email or comment letting me know what school or system you would like to share it with, for my records.

Director … Nick Rua
Music provided by Connum, from www.freesound.org
Cinematography … Nick Rua
Producer ……… Don Rua

Devonte S.
Dyllan K.
Chris A.
Taylor A.
Nick R.
Rob D.
Riley R.
Morgan W.
Emily W.
Tyler S.
and special guest, Delaney R. from http://www.awesomewebshow.com/

Special thanks to all of the parents of the actors and actresses, all of the locations that I was allowed to shoot, http://www.freesound.org/, http://www.awesomewebshow.com/, the amazing Tyler of http://www.tylershope.org/, and Taylor A. for letting me use his camera.

Please take a second to give the film a rating so I can tell whether my work is improving or not.

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6 Responses to “What is Critical Thinking? Video”

  1. Cade Says:

    I liked, "Critical Thinking is a sense of curiosity". Of course, it is true for ever and I liked it a lot. Anyone liked anything else?

    Movie Link

  2. Christina Rodriguez Says:

    Did you write the script as well? This is really good! I really liked the addition of the boy writing on the whiteboard. It was quiet and poignant.

  3. Nick Says:

    "Christina Rodriguez said…
    Did you write the script as well? This is really good! I really liked the addition of the boy writing on the whiteboard. It was quiet and poignant."

    Christina. I'm glad you liked it. The boy writing was Tyler. Tyler was a very active kid, and just a few years ago he was suddenly diagnosed with Dystonia. If you read about it, you will see what a challenge that is. Tyler is a happy great kid, but his muscles contract out of his control. On the day of filming, he was having trouble speaking, his jaw muscles were clenching. We ended up with that shot of him writing on the board. He did a number of takes, and had us mesmerized. To find out more about Tyler's situation, visit http://www.tylershope.org/, and tweet about it to others.

  4. della Says:

    Really nice comments.

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  6. matbaa Says:

    i like it…Good job.

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