Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Movie Review

cloverfield final scene photo
The Cloverfield DVD is scheduled to come out April 22nd, but there are videos out promoting it, showing off the art, deleted material, and a cool Featurette. I posted all the links on my Cloverfield movie blog, but I forgot one:

Cloverfield Alternate Endings

I went frame by frame, and there's a small piece of new information, takes less than a full second, but unmistakable. I'll elaborate later when I have time.


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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Movie Review

Hasbro Cloverfield monster figure for sale According to several sources, Hasbro will be unveiling their Cloverfield monster figure today, Feb. 15. Two members of Unfiction have claimed to receive notice of the unveiling after they pre-purchased the figure from Hasbro Toy Shop. If this is true, as soon as a picture is posted I'll get it on here.
(hat tip to Eddy at tagruato.blogspot.com )

The Hasbro Cloverfield promotion page announced that the figure will play a soundclip of the monster roar.

cloverfield monster figure

cloverfield monster figure head

cloverfield monster figure front

(click images to enlarge)

Large Monster Toy Pic with contrast and dark background added.

Finally, Yahoo Movies has a HD clip from the movie featuring one of the best closeups of the monster's face. Check this ugly mug out:

cloverfield monster face closeup

(click for larger image)

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Monday, January 21, 2008
Toy Review

Cloverfield Monster toy action figure photo

Reviewed by Nick
Hasbro Cloverfield Toy Page
Price: $99.00 for advanced orders

Summary: Cloverfield toy monster coming to a home near you!

Hasbro has announced that they will soon reveal the product images for the most closely held secret in Hollywood this year: the Cloverfield Monster. But why wait? Starting today fans can pre-order the action figure exclusively from www.hasbrotoyshop.com.

“Hasbro is very excited to be working with Paramount and Bad Robot to bring to market a piece of the film for fans and collectors,” said Brian Goldner, COO of Hasbro, Inc. “The fan buzz on this film has been terrific and we are happy to take part in the excitement.”

The creature stands a substantial 14 inches tall and comes with the following features/extras:

  • -70 points of articulation and incredible life-like detail

  • Authentic sound

  • 10 parasites

  • Two interchangeable heads, one calm and the other menacing

  • Statue of Liberty head accessory (just for tossing around!)

  • Special Cloverfield collector’s edition packaging

This will be a hot collector's item, and would look great in my room. Over a number of birthdays I built up a collection of about 50 ninja turtles, the Power Rangers set, and plenty of Marvel action figures. I'd like to see the Cloverfield monster action figure tower over them as he did over NYC. Now, if Paramount can work a deal with the people at Fathead.com, that would make one really intimidating room!

They say there's limited number, and they won't ship for a long time, but you can order them know for about $99. Check back, I'll post the images of the toy as soon as they are available.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Movie Review

photo for Cloverfield review

Rating (1-5):photo of Kid Reviewer Donut Rating

Cloverfield Review by Nick
Official Movie Site
Film Details

Starring: Mr. Grumpy Pants and his band of biting buggers
Genre: Action, Horror

If you like it, STUMBLE IT.

Summary: I saw the Cloverfield monster, and it's huge! A huge thrill ride, too.

Okay, I know most of you want to get to the cloverfield review right away, so I'll do that first. However, the experience of the early screening, and talking with the fans, theater folks, and Paramount reps was cool, so I'll hit that after the Cloverfield movie review.


Overall, I thought there was lots of excitement. At times my heart was beating very fast. It's one thing to be in a dark tunnel full of rats, it's quite another when those rats are running from some sick creatures that will jump your face and sink their teeth in your chest. I thought the movie was awesome as a roller coaster ride, especially as a fan of the marketing campaign since the day the trailer hit last July. However it wasn't quite the whole theme park. The characters were realistic, but rather normal. No outstanding performances, and the movie just didn't have the full-story feel of a classic five star release. In some scenes people were giggling, when the director may have meant for it to be serious. One amusing twist, I think HUD was the fav character in the movie, supplying nerdy humor throughout. Since he is holding the camera he's the least seen but most heard.

The Cloverfield Monster
Of course, most 'pre-fans' won't give a w00t! about character performances, it's the action and monster they want to see, and they get plenty of looks before it's all over. The monster was def awesome. I think it will surprise many who were trying to guess its nature. It was big, maybe several blocks long when looking down from head to tale. It could rise up skyscraper high when it wanted, crawl around on weird arthropod legs, and even pull itself along like a slug with elbows. I'm glad producer JJ Abrams and/or director Matt Reeves chose this to be the 'American Monster'.
It wasn't Voltron, it wasn't a whale, it wasn't Cthulu, but it was one big ugly mess! It was as if they took parts of sea animals, threw in some extra arms and legs, and put them in a blender 400 hundred feet tall. I saw some definite similarities between the four creatures featured on the hack of the Tagruato site. (Tanner Crab, Irukandji Jellyfish, Dumbo Octopus, and Ogre fish) I'd be comfortable if they suggested it was a mutation involving all those deep sea creatures. Because there are no photos of the monster yet, below is my second attempt to draw the monster from memory.

cloverfield monster crawlingcloverfield monster standing
(click picture for full page view)

[edit: I just found the below sketch posted by Chuparex at the Unfiction forums. It is my favorite depiction of the monster so far, and I've seen it twice now and discussed it with many}
Cloverfield monster sketch

This image just posted in at NYmag.com:

MGP seemed to have the teeth of the ogre fish (known as a fangtooth), definitely something around the ears akin to the Dumbo Octopus, as they swelled, ala the ear of Grendel in the recent Beowulf. It also had grey skin along the head which was similar in texture to an octopus, as opposed to scales, fins or ridges. The 'arms' are much like a crab or spider. It also might have had some long tentacles it could whip out and smack things, and I think that was the part it may have gotten from the jellyfish. That could have been the tail I saw, perhaps similar to a giant squid's tentacle, but I can't be sure on one viewing. As a refresher, below are the four deep sea creatures cut from the Tagruato hack page: (and for those unfamiliar with the rather involved story leading up to the movie, go to CloverfieldClues and start reading from the beginning of that excellent resource.)

There are smaller creatures, lots of them, and they fall off of Mr. Grumpy Pants (MGP). I think MGP can actually choose to shake them loose when he wants to really cause problems for those pesky military assaults. The critters are crablike, (remind me of Zergs from the Starcraft video game, or the bugs in Starship Troopers). They are fast, like to spring at you, and leave a nasty bite. I think most of the pre-fans know what happens to someone when they get bitten. I won't tell you what happens when Marlene grows 40 pant sizes in two seconds, but there will be blood.

First Person View
Watching the story through the first-person view was very realistic, and helped create a sense of panic and fear. There were also several 'gotcha' moments, which brought a reaction from the audience. BE WARNED, the camera is very shaky and downright dizzying at times. There were maybe half a dozen times when the characters were in a pinch, and had to take off running. HUD would forget looking through the lens and just book it with the camera running. It was the realistic thing to do, but jarring and spinning views of feet on passing pavement, blurred buildings, and taking corners, can make you dizzy. Three ladies I interviewed afterwards said they felt queasy, and I was told there was another woman in the restroom that was really nauseous/sick. Another blogger mentioned this in his Cloverfield Sick review. If you get motion sick easy, you might want to take some meds before going. I didn't feel anything, but do admit the camera was all over the place at times. There was no other view during the film. It started with the tape rolling, and ended that way. However, they used a really brilliant idea to show some back-story, without interferring with the hand-held camera idea. Also, as predicted, there were a few situations where the camera looked at a tv screen, to show a wider view of what was going on in the city.

Marketing vs Movie
Just wanted to add that I didn't see any part of the viral marketing back-story with a significant role in the movie. Yes, there's a tanker burning that looks like it's from Tagruato, but the company, the Chuai station, Slusho!, Myspace pages, jamielovesteddy.com, nor seabed nectar is not important in the movie. For that reason, I think the marketing campaign gives the 'pre-fans' a much more entertaining experience than those who haven't checked out the history or participated in the fun. I hold out hope for a dessert on this 7 course meal: I'm hoping that after the movie has launched for a few weeks, that the producers may continue some of the story elements to wrap up loose ends with Tagruato/Chaui, so we can extend our fun. BTW, there's no cause given for the monster's appearance in the city, and he seems to have no purpose other than to walk around tearing stuff up and killing folks.

The Ending -- well, you'll just have to see for yourself. I do plan to see the movie again, probably several times. Cloverfield is the type of movie where I'll probably notice quite a number of things the more I see it, especially with my heart a little calmer, and my eyes knowing just where to look next.

Recommend for: 12 years and above.

The Jan. 10 Screening and Interviews
I have plenty to say on this account. It was a super evening, but I'm waaaaay too tired tonight. I'll add this part of the report after school. Quick shout out to interviewees Luciano, Maurine, Ryan, Logan, and Paramount reps Zach and Justin.

blogger group at Cloverfield screeningphoto from Cloverfield screeningVenom photo from Spiderman 3 movie review

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Saturday, December 15, 2007
Nick Chatter

Check out this exclusive footage, and grab the widget to put on your site. We can both win prizes from the Cloverfield production company if you participate.

1st Prize:
Winner gets a hometown screening of Cloverfield before the launch.

2nd Prize:
3 winners will received a Panasonic High Definition Camcorder.

3rd Prize:
4 winners will received a digital camera.

4th Prize:
12 winners will received a Cloverfield prize pack.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Movie Review

I posted a bunch of Cloverfield updates on my Cloverfield blog.

However, the below Slusho! video is so goofy I thought I'd share it here too. It's a sample commercial for a contest you can enter at the Slusho! site. If you make a good enough commercial for them, you could win a prize.


Monday, July 16, 2007
Nick Chatter

Hey movie fans, here's a mystery for you...

Every one who has seen the Transformers movie probably saw a preview for a movie with not title. Filmed to look like a home-movie, the setting is this: A party in recognition to a friend leaving town (going to Japan). The lights go out and a thunderous roar rocks New York city. On the roof the handheld camera films a huge (massive) explosion in downtown New York. Running down to the street they dodge the head of Lady Liberty rolling over cars. Little was shown, leaving viewers walking away from the theaters curious. Clues were said to have been left here and there in the trailer. I looked it up on YouTube under the name “Cloverfield movie”. It quickly blew across the web as people like you and I performed some detective work.

The studio behind it is keeping it a secret, and the trailers on YouTube get taken down occassionally. You can find them by searching YouTube for ‘Cloverfield’ most times. That is the temporary title of the project.

The film is produced by J.J. Abrams, who made tricky shows like ‘Lost’ and ‘Alias’.

There’s another site that has been confirmed connected to the movie, and a source of many clues, at http://www.slusho.jp/. ‘Slusho’ was a fake company that Abrams has used before, but this time it’s crazy. If you read the history on the slusho site, you learn about two people who went to the depths of the ocean to find an ingredient that can turn them into whales (large sea creatures). There are also sorts of weird clues or fake clues on the site, like a horse dreaming of a blue oven mitt, and a fish dreaming of swiss cheese.

All the movie fans on the web are buzzing about it.

The first ‘official’ site is http://www.1-18-08.com/, presumably the release date. All it has are a few pics, perhaps clues, but no cast, director, nuttin’. Oh, and each picture has a time stamp, which might mean something, be a longitude/latitude for example.

Here are some sites with good information:









(the ‘bloop’ is the name of a sound actually recorded underwater, and believed to be that of a massive living creature not yet found. Some people think it’s related)

Note: these sites do NOT have anything to do with the movie, though at one time seemed mysteriously connected:


What seems true so far:

  • Giant Monster involved
  • Handheld vidcamera view
  • Whatever's in the trailer.
  • All of that is up for discussion.
  • Slusho.jp connection (lots of them)

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