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Guest Review by Harold Hisona

Jake Sully, a former marine, has been paralyzed with his broken body. He was confined in his wheelchair without a consolation of being able to recover from his current condition. Being a soldier, he never quits and keeps on fighting even inside him. He always wants to be a soldier, ready most of the times and willing to fight. His determination to be able to walk again pushed him to get enlisted among the people to travel to the human outpost in the world of Pandora; some scientists were able to discover a mineral which is the solution to the energy crisis that the world may experience. Pandora is the world of other creatures called “Na’vi” and is light years away.

This is the part of the movie wherein hope can be seen in the heart of Jake Sully. Everyone who watches the movie will surely be moved by the determination of Jake who is willing to do everything to regain his able body. Aside from that, the heroic side of Jake tells everyone that he will do everything just to help the world he is living.

Pandora has its own atmosphere which humans cannot penetrate. Thus, the Avatar Program was launched to solve the problem. Scientists were able to extract DNA from a Na’vi and mixed it with the DNA of a natural human. Thus, the creature would look like a Na’vi but driven by a human inside. The good thing is that the consciousness of both human and Na’vi are linked together that a person driving the body will be able to comprehend and feel the way Na’vis do with the understanding of a human. Aside from that, the “Avatar” would be able to breathe under the atmosphere of Pandora.

Upon knowing this, Jake never hesitated to be born again with a new body able to do what he wants it to do. And this made him gain more determination to pursue the mission to infiltrate Pandora and to mine the precious minerals needed for the world.

Infiltrating the home of the Na’vi is never as easy as what Jake thought it would be. He should have died if not because of the help of Neytiri, a female and beautiful Na’vi. Neytiri’s family would like Jake to join their clan in which Jake hesitated at first. However, as days passed by that he was treated nicely by Neytiri, he felt the affection for her that he should not feel. And every single day that he was together with the clan, he was able to understand how Na’vis live in their small yet happy world.

This is the point wherein Jake was put in a dilemma of making a decision whether to pursue his mission or be with the woman he started to love.

Would Jake’s feeling hinder him from fulfilling his mission to save the world and pursue the mission he wholeheartedly accepted without bias?

Was his love be enough to help Na’vi fight for their home which is soon to be spoiled by humans?

The Highlights

• The movie is not just about the spectacular display of pyrotechnics, visual and audio effects. Rather, it is about a love story between two entities who are not supposed to meet. However, destiny crossed their paths.
• This is not any typical 3D movie. It contains appealing ambient which you have never felt and witnessed before.
• Without the effects, the scenes would always be special. The power of emotion goes beyond everyone who watches it.
• In your imagination, the world of humans and Na’vis are seamlessly connected when Jake met Heytiri.

Bad Points

• None.

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My (KidReviewer) thoughts: Avatar was VERY visually entertaining. With all the creatures, the plants, and even the entire culture James Cameron was able to create within the alien tribe of the Na’vi people. It was sort of like the story of Pocohantas, and a little like Romeo and Juliet. Two people from apposing sides fall in love, and the rest unfolds. I heard that this film was going to change filmmaking all together. I didn’t really see anything I considered groundbreaking directing other than the use of so much CGI, but that’s just building on other films. No real innovative camera shots or new ways to go about blocking a set.  It was LOVELY CGI though, and the creatures, plants, and people all look so real. So maybe the need for actors is diminishing? Or maybe not. Other than that it was just a really good movie.

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