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Bridge to Terabithia wasn’t what I expected at all, it was a good movie but had too much drama, not enough action.

What I liked: It was a good movie and story, good acting. I think moms will like the story more than anyone.

Didn’t like: In the movie trailers and commercials there was action, action, action. In the actual movie it was drama, drama, drama. The film was meant to be uplifting and happy but it can be very sad and slightly even disturbing.:)

Additional: I would have enjoyed it more if the advertising had explained it better.
>>Mom says, “There were a few of us crying in the theater.”
>>Dad: “A Bridge to Terabithia is a really good movie about friendships, and cherishing our unique talents, but it was not so much about magic and fantasy kingdoms like Narnia was.”
>>Brother (17 yrs): “I’d recommend for some of my friends, not all. It was a good drama.”

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Recommend for: Adults, and some teens. Younger kids may enjoy the few thrilling parts this film has to offer, but the emotional impact it gave me will cause me to think twice before buying my next ticket.

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