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The Cloverfield DVD is scheduled to come out April 22nd, but there are videos out promoting it, showing off the art, deleted material, and a cool Featurette. I posted all the links on my Cloverfield movie blog, but I forgot one:

Cloverfield Alternate Endings

I went frame by frame, and there’s a small piece of new information, takes less than a full second, but unmistakable. I’ll elaborate later when I have time.


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5 Responses to “Cloverfield DVD video clips on YouTube”

  1. mirage2g Says:

    yeah, we got it downloaded somewhere…just need to sit down and watch…

  2. mirage2g Says:

    I just need to write this down, i saw the dunkin donuts ad here lol and I clicked it coz you know I miss dunkin donuts a lot! there’s no franchise here so might as well look into their site….thanks! ;-)

  3. Nick Says:

    cool! Dunkin Donuts isn’t really a sponsor (yet). I put it there because I’d love them to be my sponsor, especially since I rate movies in donuts. I’m hoping that someone at their company checks their log files and wonders why I’m linking to them.


  4. Meghna Says:

    Hi Nick,
    Good luck with ur blogging and I can see u r working hard :P

  5. nick plowman Says:

    I did not see Cloverfield because I was too busy seeing better things, and I bet it is better on the bigscreen so I will buy the DVD and ask the PR manager of my local cinema if they will let me screen the film for me and my friends only.

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