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Fans of KJBX-FM, The Mix 106.7, can hear my review of Ghost Town, Friday morning in the 7am – 8am hour EST. I’ll be joining Bo Dalton on air, and also giving away a children’s book written, signed, and autographed by all the members of the Bare Naked Ladies. To enter in a drawing for the book (great Christmas gift for a little brother or sister), leave a comment with the words “The Mix 106.7″ in it.

Images from the autographed book:

Click any image to see larger version
Artwork of Kevin Hearn in Snacktime Book cover - Snacktime - Bare Naked Ladies Autographed Snacktime book by Bare Naked Ladies
Hearn’s Artwork Book Cover BNL Signatures

Ghost Town

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6 Responses to “KidReviewer Rates Ghost Town on FM Morning Show”

  1. Zawan Says:

    it’s so cool that you’ll be on a radio show
    if available, post the show on youtube

  2. Zawan Says:

    hi nick
    are you still hosting and adding links to kid blogs?

  3. Crystal Adkins Says:

    The mix 106.7 I would love to win for my 2 year old :)

  4. Free Music Says:

    cool radio show

  5. BLOGGER Says:

    yeah this is cool radio show. keep it up buddy.

  6. Sanem Says:

    I totllay, totllay agree with your comment. Having strong characters that you care about as the audience is so important.To add on to the discussion, I am definitely looking forward to this film. I remember sitting in the theater and seeing the first preview for this; I got chills (I know a movie is good when I get chills– it’s usually my most accurate way to rate movies).I like not knowing everything that is going on. Now days, so many movie trailers give away the whole film right away. Instead, I like that you don’t know what you’re getting in to. On top of that, I am continually impressed by J.J. Abrams work, so hopefully this will be another keeper.

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