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Reviewed by Nick
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Genre: Fantasy
Summary: A horrendous failure of a film.

What I liked: Some of the effects looked nice, especially water bending.

Didn’t like: The worst thing I’ve seen from M. Night since Lady In the Water. I know all you fans are sitting there going,
“Yeahhh, he completely ruined the story!”. But that’s not all. Calm down. One thing that I think was the worst, was the acting, especially the younger actors. (Dev Patel as Prince Zuko acted fine). Much of the acting was TERRIBLE, and the dialouge was too “on-the-nose”. In other words, they told you everything that happened, or was thought, or what was GOING to happen. And then 5 minutes later there will be a naration of the thoughts of a character, saying the SAME exact thing. It is a slap in the face. It breaks a key rule of filmmaking, which is “show, dont tell”. So if you watch that movie and DONT know whats going to happen, your asleep. The script writers should have been fired.

Also, you may leave the theater saying “that seemed really quick”. Thats because they had absolutely NO character development. In the cartoon, they built the relationship between Ang and his companions, as well as his pets. In the movie, Ang and his friends didnt even TALK or share a single heartfelt moment. I’m half glad about that, because of their horrible acting. All they did was fight together. Also, the reason it might seem quick is because the pacing is awful. Its hard to describe, but it just went all out of whack. One second Ang is busting out of his spherical ice coccoon, the next, they are fighting the fire nation in the finale. I was sitting there like “I just looked down to have some of my 6 dollar popcorn, and when I look up, the credits are rolling!”. Just bad. Bad bad bad.

As for you die-hard fans of the actual show, yes they screwed that up to. Theres alot of things they cut out that I think would have been much better to leave in. Not just because I loved the show, but it really helped with the building of the relationships, drama and tension. Also, (and this may be a spoiler of sorts) but there’s a scene where Ang is talking to a “Dragon Spirit” in a cave in the spirit world. In the show, it’s this really awesome looking centipede thing with a human face. And you weren’t supposed to show emotion because it would steal your face. Therefore, the spirit kept trying to frighten Ang and make him show emotion, while Ang was trying to get answers. Before you say “Oh your just another fan! Everything can’t be in the movie!”, Wait. They could of taken JUST as long adding a little more legs, and a human face, as it took to make a full dragon. It was like, “well, in the cartoon he ate an apple, but lets make it a pear, just for laughs!”. So I didn’t like that very much.

As for the final battle. So much about it was just bloody ridiculous. I won’t give anything away, but SO many times I was sitting there going “Do this. Do that.” And they never did. They were so stupid. The fight is just so pumped up with effects, that the characters usually don’t do what an actual human being would do. And the audience would sit there saying “Turn around you idiot!”. But in this one, is was so proposterous that it was hard to watch. At the end, I didn’t care about any of the characters, because I hadn’t seen enough development to care about them. Like in I Am Legend, (spoiler) you really cared for Will Smith and the scene where he had to kill his only friend, his dog. Because they spent so much time showing how close they were, and how important the dog was to Will. Theres nothing like that in The Last Airbender. It was just sucky all around.

Oh and that one really cool trailer we all saw, where Ang is airbending the candles in a circle, and then the camera zooms out and theres a whole bunch of fire nation ships? I kept waiting to see that but it was NEVER in the movie. Jerks.

I could rant all day, but I think I’ll just end it by saying I absolutely 100 percent do NOT recommend seeing this film. Im giving it a 1 out of 5 simply because the effects were kind of cool. But I honestly don’t see how someone could WASTE millions of dollars on a poorly crafted FLOP like this.

Prince Zuko and the Last Airbender 

Ang the Last Airbender

Recommend for: No one over 12 except die-hard fans that just have to compare. But they won’t be happy neither. Kids under 12 probably will enjoy it and not be bothered by the poor dialogue, acting, and script.

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3 Responses to “The Last Airbender 2010 Review”

  1. vinita singh Says:

    I completely agree with you. This movie was an ABSOLUTE fail. the thing that I think was most negligent of Shyamalan was the fact that he decided to cram the entire first book into an hour and thirty minutes. This was perhaps the single most crucial aspect in the derailment of this movie. Love your review, hope you read mine.

  2. cajun Says:


    I’m not usually one to criticize movies too harsh… But M night has messed up one too many movies! I sincerely hope he gives up after this atrocious attempt at directing. Grant it, it is always hard to adapt a book into a movie, let alone a cartoon series, but come on, the acting was all over done, the camera was about 4 inches from their faces when they weren’t acting. AND… Half the movie was the back story as you mentioned, the other half was them wiggling around or hopping with a painful expression before they attempted to bend. In the cartoon it takes like 5 seconds max, but no…. not M night, he wanted to make it into some tribal voodoo twitch that lasted 5 minutes! My biggest pet peeve though, as you have agreed, is how much they changed. Come on, guys. we all know the fight scene at the water tribe, Aang gets into the avatar state and does his thing. not make the tide rise really slow, then do nothing with it. all in all, i have to say that i am deeply disheartened over the whole thing. I had to go home to watch the cartoon just to be able to stand it.

  3. Nick Says:

    We see eye to eye, Cajun. Yes, M-Night showed promise, but keeps going downhill. He shouldn’t have gotten this project to direct. I’m still holding out for another good one, but I’m not rushing to opening day.

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