My Top Five Movie Review Sites

Movie Review

1. Rotten Tomatoes – This one is the best in my opinion. They make it really easy to see what critics say about movies that are out, when ever you need to know. And multiple people can review it, so it gives you a mix of opinions. It’s not just one source. But the thing I like the most about them, is that they tell it straight up. They don’t care what is popular, they tear into the movie if it stinks, and give good movie reviews when worthy.

2. – There’s  only roger on this one. But it’s number two on my list, because he, like rotten tomatoes, also doesnt care about the popular vote. He is also a known and respected guy with a reputation, so people listen to his reviews. Which are good as well. One thing its hard for a single person to do, is really anylize each genre of movie. Like, for me, personally, i hate slashers, but a good critic like roger would have to put everything into consideration. It could be well made. You can’t just shoot a movie down cuz you dont like it. So thats why he’s number two.

3. One Sentence Movie Reviews – What’s not to like. You’re in a hurry, you want to get a quick opinion on a film. More than a rating, maybe a few adjectives like ‘awesome’ or ‘horrible’, to really make a quick decision. You can check out dozens of reviews in just a few minutes.

4. – Cleverly enough. It comes in 4th though, because its just plain. It gives the reviews and thats it. It may of course be what alot of people want. But I look for more of a diverse set up. With multiple reviews and such. Still good though. – This one isn’t focused on movie reviews primarily, but it has the coolest movie lists that you’ll ever find online. Such as “20 reasons NOT to see avatar”, “Scariest Movie Rabbits”, and “Best Doomsday Scenarios”.

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