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Reviewed by Nick
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Genre: Action
Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Chow Yun-Fat, Geoffrey Rush, Bill Nighy, Naomie Harris

Summary: Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End is full of amazing characters and wonderful action scenes! The third movie doesn’t disappoint.

What I liked: The fight scenes in this movie were incredible! There were so many cool highlights, like cannon battles in a whirlpool, a ship sailing through the desert, and the world turning upside down! So much goes on it is almost impossible to follow every story at once. There are tons of wicked looking characters in this movie, including the nine pirate lords, from cultures around the world. The places they go and things they do in some of the scenes are tightly choreographed and it’s a terrific idea for a story. For those that love Cap’n Jack Sparrow, you’ll get a real eye-full in the scenes at Davy Jones’ Locker.

Captain Jack continues to be the coolest; but the Davy Jones performance was excellent. He has a way of snapping off his lines, and showing intensity that works well. The use of the animated tentacles and appendages adds to his menace in this one.

Davy Jones photo from Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie review Captain Jack Sparrow photo from Pirates of the Caribbean movie review Calypso photo from Pirates of the Caribbean movie review

Didn’t like: A lot of stuff in Pirates of the Caribbean III doesn’t make sense. There is a bunch of double crossing, sneaky dealing, and anger at Captain Jack. I don’t think anyone stays close to anyone else the entire time. And be warned, this movie builds up a big event through the character of Calypso, but in the end that part of the plot is no big deal. They missed a potential big special effects hoorah for their finish. And some of the stuff was cheesy, like a wedding proposal in the middle of a fight scene. But all three of the movies had cheesy here and there.

>>Dad: “Meanders at some points, and the backstabbing can get confusing, but the villains are outstanding actors and the high-seas action is plenty fun. It opens with a pretty harsh scene that prompted questions from the four year olds in the row behind us.”

Recommend for: All ages.

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8 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

  1. Bush Mackel Says:

    I may have to wait for this one to come out on video per your review…I just remember leaving Pirates of the Caribbean II just confused and angry because of it’s ending and all the stuff between Jack, Elizabeth and Orlando Bloom’s character.

  2. Nick Says:

    Ha…try the same confusing stuff with multiple Jacks, and nine pirate lords.

    I like to see action films on the big screen, even if they aren’t perfect. But you are on the right track, you might be even madder at this ending.

  3. confessing7girl Says:

    ahh thanx for doing the review!!! i love how u write them!!! although i hv to disagree with some point in there… i can totally understand why it may be so confusing for someone u didnt watch the pirates movies like hundreds of times!!!!!!! :D again realy good job on the review!!
    and i wonder why 3 donuts to pirates and 5 for spiderman??????? spiderman was disappointing from the very beginning starting with the choice to play peter!! and i used to love watching spiderman…

  4. Ele ^_^ Says:

    Nice film but didn’t like the finale battle, was too long.. So I prefer the firt film of the series! ^_^

  5. E.G. and staff Says:

    Great Review. I agree.
    Although, I admit my favorite one is Pirates of Caribbean I.
    Elizabeth G.

  6. NYCindividual Says:

    I have to agree with everything you said. I thought a lot of it was confusing and the part where Calypso gets huge was totally fake looking. I loved the ending though, but I’m a girl and I love happy endings that are not completely fake and mushy. I also felt that they did not stick with the layout the first two movies had with an interesting opening and then here comes Jack. I think Jack came in too late and his opening was funny but just a little confusing. My favorite used to be the 1st one, but since I’ve now watched that one too many times I have to say the 3rd one is my new favorite.

  7. Nick Says:

    Confessinggirl-Thank you!!! I thought that they chose a perfect person to play Peter in Spiderman. Who do you think should have been there???

    nycindividual- Thank you for the word, and seeing them all over, I would pick two as my favorite. I thought two had a better plot and it was more realistic. Well, at least for a pirate movie.;]

  8. Cedric Allen Hills Says:

    The thing that I did like was when the complexity of all the deals that Jack made with everyone (throughout the movie) fit together and made sense at the very end. The thing that should have been improvded was that the movie didnt give enough reason for important characters deaths.

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