Speed Racer Roaring to the Theaters

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Speed Racer movie poster

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailers on T.V., Speed Racer is coming out! Based on a cartoon, this movie looks like it was made to look like a real life cartoon. With the perfect little hair and lights, the trailers still make the movie look like a treat for your eyes. However, since it is based on the cartoon, I’m worried the story might not be too good. They will probably make one up to fit the setting and please the crowd, but I’m just saying.

This could leave a good or bad note for the Wachowski Brothers, directors or the Matrix. The brothers brought us ‘bullet time’ in the Matrix, and the trailer for Speed Racer looks like it has some new movie tricks in store. Check it out.

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One Response to “Speed Racer Roaring to the Theaters”

  1. Dalvenice Says:

    I’m more in line with Brad’s thinking on this, I’m inreeesttd rather than excited simply because I’m not sure what I should be excited about.To me it looks like an homage to Spielberg/Amblin movies of the 80s which makes it less original for me. Its no different for there being a formula for action films or a Nicholas Sparks novel, there’s a formula to these films and Super 8 looks like it will abide by that. I find it hard to be excited by something that I feel i’ve seen before and no matter how good Super 8 is it will be an imitation of a Spielberg film (with Abrams own style) and that makes me less inreeesttd. Nostalgia doesn’t really work for me and its never better than watching something like ET or Raiders for the first time.Maybe Super 8 will be that kind of film for this generation.

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