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Reviewed by Nick
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Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Dominic West, Vincent Regan, Rodrigo Santoro
Genre: Action, Drama

Summary: The fight scenes were awesome. Flippin’ sweet, but not without flaws.

What I liked: Amazing art work and outstanding fight scenes!!! The artwork was fantastic! In some scenes it looked like an oil painting, and anymore artistic, I would of thought the teaser to be a cutscene to the video game!

Didn’t like: Well, there a number of flaws in the movie… to begin, too many slow-mo yoda scenes. By yoda, I mean jumping though the air to chop someone’s head off in slow-mo and for the head to spin fifty feet in the air and slowly twist around to show the blood spewing at you in three dimensions. I liked the slo-mo a lot, but they just overdid it. There was hardly any story at all really. There would be some talking and then maybe either a huge, graphic slo-mo fight or a graphic slo-mo sex scene. And most of it didn’t make sense.

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Some times during the fight the Spartans would stop to make jokes. The crowd was laughing but if this movie was being realistic the soldiers would have died laughing. And the movie talked about learning how to use your head to achieve victory and outsmart the enemy, yet during the fights they just used brute strength and sword skills.

SPOILER >>>>>>> Like in the end they made this awesome formation of a dome with their shields, and their spears sticking out, but they never used it. Instead they broke formation to kill an unimportant messenger of the enemy, and they were open to attack. In about the 20th slo-mo scene, the Spartan king did make the enemy god-king bleed, but the movie didn’t make enough of this. None of the enemy seemed to notice, or flee as you might expect because gods aren’t supposed to bleed.

SPOILER >>>>>>>>> And through the whole movie, the Spartans fought hard and it looked like they would never die, but in the end, it was like the king turned around and all of his guys were dead in seconds.

Additional: Despite the flaws below, I would watch it again in a heartbeat. It is a feast for the eyes.
>>Dad: “A visual treat and something different. Imagine watching about 2 hours of the time-warped fight scenes in the game Prince of Persia (Warrior Within), with the pounding soundtrack to boot. Not graphic in the sense of a horror flick, more in an artistic direction.”

Recommend for: Adults only. Definitely adults and mostly guys. Trust me.

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6 Responses to “The 300”

  1. Galvanized Says:

    Yes, this was pretty much my impression from the trailer and the hype of the movie. Wasn’t most all of it done on a green screen? But you’re right — it does appear really artistic, and the whole screen just seems to look ominous and stormy all of the time.

    I think that I would still prefer Gladiator. :)

  2. Nick Says:

    I would agree, Gladiator’s a better movie. Still enjoyed the experience of 300 though. Thanks for dropping by. And a hat tip to your Galvanized blog for sharing the beat-box flute player.

  3. Donette Says:

    This is the best review I’ve seen on any movie, gave me just what I needed to know, both as a viewer and to share with other Mom’s. Thanks Nick ! I’ll refer my friends and their teeangers to your site so they can choose their movies and games easier.

  4. Nick Says:

    Thanks donette!!! Bring ‘em on! If any one (under 19) would like to do a review click my contact button and send it to me.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You say this movie is for adults only, but you were 13 when you saw it. Why do your parents let you see R-rated movies?

  6. Nick Says:


    As long as I continue to write, my parents give me some room to experience life. I don’t act all silly about adult material, and appreciate movies like Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, and Schindler’s List. I’ve been writing for 3 years, and gave up two summers to attending writing camp, so I’ve earned some understanding from them.
    As for 300, there were some things that made it ‘adults only’ that we didn’t get a hint of before going. If we had, I wouldn’t have gone. It just looked like a beautifully designed/colored war epic from the trailer, much less worrisome than the brutality of a documentary on concentration camps.

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