3 Things Not to get me for My Birthday

Nick Chatter

I was recently asked to contribute regularly at www.gnmparents.com, a great blog for parents. For my first post, I wrote about what I would NOT want for my birthday. The crazy thing is that #1 on my list was not to get a haircut, but then a week after submitting it I got my hair cut and dyed!

I’m putting some ideas together for next month’s post at Grasshopper News Media, and I’d love your ideas. What would parents want to hear about from a 13 year old kid blogger?

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2 Responses to “3 Things Not to get me for My Birthday”

  1. E.G. and staff Says:

    Hi Nick,

    Your hair looks amazing.
    What did your friends say?
    Congrats on your invite to write
    on the parent site.

    O.K. A few ideas for you…..
    to write about:
    1) Your favorite vacation
    Place with your family.
    2) Great Gift Cards for Teens.
    3) A Movie that every Teenager
    should rent and why?
    4) Things Parents and Teenagers
    can do together to have a
    better relationship.

    I hope that helps…
    I am working on 2 movie reviews to
    send to you. I will email them
    on Sunday. Visit my blog….
    recently added a tracker map.
    Check it out tell me what you
    think? Easy to add if you want to.

    Elizabeth G.

  2. Laura Says:


    Congratulations on the new gig at http://www.gnmparents.com. Your blog looks great.

    Hmm. You ask a tough question here. I think, as a parent, my first concern is always for my kids’ safety.

    How about writing some safety tips for kids, from a kid’s perspective. Another article I would like to see: How to tell when your kid is really in trouble.

    Good work here!

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