Izea Scavenger Hunt plus Cake Plow Video

Nick Chatter
KidReviewer at Izeafest photo

The scavenger hunt at the end of Izeafest was an experience I won’t soon forget. Here is the setting: A hunt organizer strutting around in a neon green cape and mexican hat, a hairy man in a Wonder Woman costume (even white go-go boots), 12 buckets full of stuff that looked like party-store refund baskets, a four page list of items to earn points by ‘collecting’, and a bunch of bloggers and vloggers. Basically a mass megaphone to the web, with attitude. And, though I wasn’t participating, yes, alcohol was involved…Dun dun duhhhh! (dramatic pause)

It was a Saturday night in Orlando, just as every 20-30 year old was flooding downtown to line up for clubbing. Oh, and just to make it interesting, there was a huge Red Bull event in downtown as well.

Well, we lined up with our team captains, Ted Murphy said “Go!”, and we finally got to see the list for the scavenger hunt. Whoa, Nellie! An entire page of actions or items to take photos of, another page of things to video tape, stuff to find and put in the bucket, and special challenges for bonus points. Here’s some of the crazy items I remember from the list:

a live non-dog non-human creature, an 85 yr old stranger showing their ID, have 10 strangers sign your shirt, make a human sundae (with choc syrup, shaving cream, and marshmellows), make a human pyramid, photo a team member in a crime scene chalkline, use 5 sticks of body paint, someone covered in flowers, have a stranger sing to you, walk a dog, bring back a toilet seat, drink umbrella, photo a teammember on a segway, put lipstick on a man, have a teammember work behind a bar, get on a stage, and dance with a stranger. That was about 25% of the list.

Thanks to Starryskye for taking our photos:


Now for dessert…zee group cake plow!

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2 Responses to “Izea Scavenger Hunt plus Cake Plow Video”

  1. Zawan Says:

    looks like you had a great time!

  2. Christine Says:

    THERE you are!! I freaking lost your contact information … Glad you found ‘em on the Flickr :)

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