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When I started blogging, I thought it would be cool to make connections with other kid bloggers. But when I looked for them they were hard to find. (I didn’t count blogs like on myspace, where the site isn’t really blog, but just a place to network and tag each other.)

Anywho…I figured if I had a hard time finding kid bloggers, maybe other people did too. I even saw comments about that. So, I looked, and put my dad to work looking, at google, yahoo, technorati, etc. We searched for “kid blogs“, “kid bloggers“, and more. There are also alot of blogs by adults who use ‘kid’ in their name, like Three Kid Circus, which is a nice parent blog. So those had to be cleaned out.

I left in some kid blogs that were abandoned, because they looked like a good try, and someone might want to see the way they did it. It’s cool to see kid bloggers from all over the planet. I hope to meet some of them someday.

Below is my kid blog list, separated into three groups. The top group have good designs and lots of good posts, and almost all are high school age. In fact, 1 or 2 might be in college but still 17 yrs old. The second group are entertaining, a younger crowd, but very nice job.

Best kid blogs – very creative, general & tech – tech – making money online – general, entertaining – tech – business, life – tech

Good, entertaining kid blogs – general, life – general, entertainment – general, school – general – general, life – general – tech – general, google – general – general, scouts – general

Good kid blog start, but some problems – general, outdated – general, outdated – creative writing, outdated – general, outdated – general, outdated – general, outdated – music, emo, new

Kid Blogs Added since this post:
Meghna’s Pages – original stories and more
Deron’s Adventures – stories, reports, fun stuff
Super Money Kid – also by Daren, lots of ad stuff

If you know of other good kid blogs, let me know and I will check them out to add to this list.
OH! I almost forgot – There were alot of good kid blogs and blog posts in CLASSROOM BLOGS. I have them on a separate list and will post that separately.

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17 Responses to “Kid Blogs and Kid Bloggers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very good article about kids’ blogs. I was also looking for some material on the same. Very useful.
    I’ve also found a very good site to add in this

    A new blog looks to be very interesting.

  2. Aventures of Deron Banks Says:

    This is a nice blog. I have two for the list -:)

  3. Nick Says:

    Thanks to you both. I’ll check those out for adding to the list. If I do, I’ll probably make a separate post just reminding newcomers that they were added. Feel free to link to this article as a an authority on kid blogs. Keeping up with email has been harder than I thought, but I sure appreciate your comments!


  4. Sammie Says:

    Hi Nick,

    I don’t know if my blog qualifies to add to this list, but it is a children related website and my kids do help me with it. Please let me know.

    Fun 4 The Children

    You have done a great job with your blog. I will be sure to point to some of your reviews on my blog as they will be very helpful to my readers. Thanks


  5. I am a lover of children's literature Says:

    Thanks for the lesson Nick. I thought kid blogs were-far-and-in-between, but thanks to you, I now know differently.

    You are very articulate for a 13 year old and I have the feeling, if you wanted to, you could become a great writer someday – who knows?

    Anyway, I shall return to your blog. I never thought I would like a blog from a kid, but again, you and Meghna have educated me on the fact that kids today are apparently a lot smarter than when I was a kid!

    It must be something they are putting in your cereal or something?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I love your website Nick! It is very inspirational. I’ll be sure to check it out a lot! I just started my own website about a couple of weeks ago. Since I just started, I’m looking for some feed back. Check out my blogs at
    Thanks and check back soon!

  7. slayground Says:

    Congrats on your site and your blog!

  8. Zawan Says:

    Hey Nick
    I’m a 12 year old and here’s my blog:

  9. Ms Cris Says:

    Hi this is the blog of a 12 year old boy I find interesting.

    Hope you could add it to your list. :-)
    Nice job by the way!

  10. SNAKEKING Says:

    I’m 12 years old and here’s my blog

  11. Adi Says:

    hi Nick,

    I’m Adi, 12, and my blogs
    I think ms cris mentioned that before.
    great blog there. thanx

  12. Patrick DeVivo Says:

    Hey Nick,
    I am working on a project which I think you might be interested in. I too am a fourteen year old blogger who, at one point or another, wanted to network with other young bloggers like myself, but didn’t know where to get started. That’s why I founded the Youth Bloggers Network – so that young bloggers could read about other bloggers their age, and to communicate and share ideas with them through a forum. I hope you’ll check it out and tell me what you think.

  13. Germz Says:

    Hey dude I’m not in there :D

  14. Sharayah Says:

    Hey, I am a 9 year old girl, and I blog everyday, its full of fun stuff about my life. Here is the link: please check it out!.

  15. kailey Says:

    Hi Nick, I am 8 year old and likes to write on my blog about stuff everyday. Here's my blog:
    See what I've wrote lately. Thanks!

  16. Sharayah Says:

    I am a 10 year old girl, and I have a Blog. I love it. Here is my blog:

  17. video gay Says:

    Really good post. I like your no bs posts they are the reason I keep coming back here.

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