Memes, Music, and Miyazaki, Oh My!

Nick Chatter

A blogger friend ‘tagged’ me to take part in an activity where you answer a few questions about yourself, then ask a number of others to answer the same questions about themselves. Some bloggers call them a meme, though the true nature of a meme is a little different I think.

Here’s the opening definition from
“Memes are contagious ideas, all competing for a share of our mind in a kind of Darwinian selection.”

Anywho, I don’t plan to use KidReviewer to promote chain-letter type activities, but I want to at least give something back to my friend who has been a frequent visitor and blogger. So, below are my answers to the two questions asked, linked to interesting resources:

Three Things to Die For:

Gummy worms
Miyazaki movies
AnnaSophia Robb (starred in Bridge to Terabithia)

As a matter of fact, if I could take AnnaSophia to a Miyazaki movie and share a big box of gummi worms, that would be a pretty sweet day.

My Top Musical Picks:

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Disorder – System of a Down (Disorder lyrics here)
Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles (wikipedia on Eleanor Rigby)

I’ve listened to all of these at least once a month for most of this year.

PS – I wouldn’t mind these cool shoes below, or these Air Jordan shoes.

Think I’m nuts? That’s what the ‘Comment’ section is for…

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4 Responses to “Memes, Music, and Miyazaki, Oh My!”

  1. Meghna Says:

    Hi Nick,
    I’m glad you did this meme! And pretty fast too. I think you’ve written really well (certainly better than me!). I too love gummy worms. The first time I ate them I had a yucky! feeling but now it has changed to yummy! :D
    Congratulations for writing so well!

  2. Happy Panda Says:

    Nice Musical Picks – but I could do without System of a Down. Then again I’m showing my age. LOL

  3. Best Chickensuop Says:

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  4. William Says:

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