My April Fools Day Fun

Nick Chatter

Today is April fools day. And the best yet I think. I went to my uncle Danny’s house so that my brother and dad could watch the Gators win again. I spent all of my time with my young cousins Delaney and Riley. The are both under 8 years old. We swam and played outside all day. When it got dark, we went inside and watched Howl’s Moving Castle. It was good but half way it froze, for a long time. So Delaney and me looked up April’s fools pranks for the next day. Once we made our little list of mischief, we finished our movie and went out to the tent in the backyard and went to sleep.

I woke up at 5:56 a.m. and tried waking up my partner in crime, but couldn’t succeed. So I snuck inside and did the first on the list. Tape the spray nozzle to the sink down. Classic, yet effective. Then I tried to accomplish more, but had no idea where their stuff was. So I went back out to the tent and sat up, staring at the hump of blankets that held Delaney. As soon as she woke up, I rushed her inside. We hurried around and the next we did was to put salt in the sugar bowl. Next we unscrewed the salt shaker top. We super glued coins to the driveway, and waited until everyone got up.

Danny got sprayed, and laughed it off. Then he went to get a drink, came back, and got sprayed again! So did Melissa. Then we took off the tape. The salt cap was uneffective. Danny saw it and screwed it back on. But, when they all went to get their coffee, they were greeted by an over whelming salty suprise. That one got us in some trouble. They had to dump out all of their sugar!

In the end we all laughed it off. I’d like to thank all of the victims for being good sports about it all, and Danny, for letting us stay at his house to watch the game.

Here’s a cool April Fools site:
Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes Of All Time

Dan, Melissa, Delaney and Riley at the Final Four - Go Gators!
Uncle Danny, Riley, Aunt Melissa, and Delaney at the Final Four — Go Gators!

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One Response to “My April Fools Day Fun”

  1. VC Dan Says:

    Hey — you’re only off the hook because you posted that great Gator pic!

    There’s a reason Starbucks doesn’t offer a Caramel Saltiato — blech! The next time you come over we’re hiding the tape, glue and salt!

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