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OneMusic Virtual Studio
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I recently stumbled upon this cool site for making music called OneMusic Virtual Studio. They have many cool tools to make music. They have several cool, easy-to-use multi-track sequencers, with drums, bass, fx, synth, and melody. They have multiple music styles like beat, garage, indie, and hip-hop that you can load. You can even save and send your music creations.

OneMusic Virtual Studio website image

There’s a mixer with instructions to teach you how to mix music. They have a bank of over 1000 samples of music and sounds you can use.

OneMusic Virtual Studio website image

There’s even a game, Escapades, that takes you through the life of someone in the music biz. You can play as an artist, agent, PR person, or manager.

I have had a lot of fun fooling around with them. The site provides links to other music sites and both mixing and songwriting games to help with music or to just entertain you. I personally love listening to and making music.

This site is the best music making site I’ve played on yet, so go check it out. And if you know of other music making sites leave me a comment with the link so I can check them out.

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