Superbowl 2008 Commercials Not Great, but Funny

Nick Chatter

I watched the superbowl 2008 commercials last night, and some of the game. I thought it was a pretty funny group, though not as good as some years. I rated them as they came along, 1 – 5. At the end of the night, I only had three superbowl commercials with a ‘5′ rating: FedEx – Pigeons, T-mobile – Barkley-Wade, and Bridgestone – Squirrel. There were plenty of other good ones, but these three made me laugh out loud.




Here are the runners-up that I gave a 4.5 rating to…

Justin Timberlake gets sucked across the city – Pepsi
(nice cameo by Andy Samberg. Who knew?)

Baby and Clown – E-Trade

Talking Stain – Tide-to-go

Napoleon with GPS – Garmin

There were two commercials that I thought were just stupid; I’m not even going to link to them. They were the GoDaddy commercial and the SalesGenie ones.

AOL always has a great page for watching and rating all the superbowl ads.
Here’s their top ten:
1 Budweiser: “Rocky”
2 Bridgestone: “Squirrel”
3 Coca-Cola: “Balloons”
4 Life Water: “Thriller”
5 E-Trade: “Baby”
6 “SuperAd”
7 E-Trade: “Baby II”
8 Pepsi: “Justin Timberlake”
9 Doritos: “Mouse Trap”
10 FedEx: “Pigeons”

There were some cool looking movie trailers during the 2008 Superbowl, but I’ll mention them in my next post. Gotta bolt…

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