Teen Blogger Unlocks iPhone

Nick Chatter

Check out this story about a teen blogger. His blog is very techno geek stuff that’s way over my head, but I like to spot kid bloggers of all types, and this teen definitely made news today. An excerpt from the AP story is below:

NJ Teen Unlocks IPhone From AT&T; Network

AP Technology Writer

“NEW YORK (AP) A 17-year-old hacker has broken the lock that ties Apple’s iPhone to AT&T;’s wireless network, freeing the most hyped cell phone ever for use on the networks of other carriers, including overseas ones.

George Hotz of Glen Rock, N.J., confirmed Friday that he had unlocked an iPhone and was using it on T-Mobile’s network, the only major U.S. carrier apart from AT&T; that is compatible with the iPhone’s cellular technology. In a video posted to his blog, he holds an iPhone that displays “T-Mobile” as the carrier.”

full story at Breitbart.com

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2 Responses to “Teen Blogger Unlocks iPhone”

  1. E.G. and staff Says:

    Wow! Thanks for writing about this. Watched briefly something on the news about it. Nice to get more
    info. I will check out the video.
    Elizabeth G.
    P.S. Do you still have the red hair?

  2. jeniliathiruve Says:

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