Things I Don’t Like Girls to Do

Nick Chatter

They just posted my latest contribution at The article is titled Things I Don’t Like Girls to Do . I really like all kinds of girls, but I might get a few comments that disagree with my post. Yes, I know that boys have their faults too…maybe I’ll write about that another time. If you write a blog post about that topic and include a link to Kid Reviewer, let me know and I’ll link back to you from here.

Thanks for all your ideas of what I might write about for that parents blog, or this one. Keep ‘em coming.
PS – Slusho Zoom!

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4 Responses to “Things I Don’t Like Girls to Do”

  1. E.G. and staff Says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the link to your article. I read it. Very interesting and creative. I will go back and write a comment for you. Sorry, for not commenting lately. I went on a fun vacation to several states. Check out my blog,I made a car magnet with my website on it before I left. Let me know what you think.
    Elizabeth G.
    P.S. I promise to send those movie reviews to you soon. I started working on them before leaving on my trips.

  2. Meghna Says:

    Dear Nick,
    I was told by Elizabeth to look into your blog. And it was worth it. You have a fabulous blog with information and fun. Very good.

    I am also happy to know that there are many kid bloggers there, who are into really BIG. I really liked your article on kid bloggers which is a good research.

    I have recently started a blog named : ” Delve into the Mind of A Budding Blogger” which is at

    You can visit and give me some feedback on that (I was really glad to note that somebody has already written about my blog in comments).

    I will keep reading your blog and hope to keep in touch.


  3. Maria and Stefano Says:

    Hehehe this is a really cute (and very true lol) post!!!
    Thank you very much for your comment in my blog!!!


  4. E.G. and staff Says:

    Hi Nick,
    what happened to you?
    Maybe you have been on
    vacation? I understand.
    Keep in touch,
    Elizabeth G.

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