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Summary:Since writing my first Kid Blogs and Kid Bloggers post, I knew a community would start to form for serious kid bloggers. The Youth Bloggers Network is on the right track!

I was invited to check out the YBN by the founder and admin Patrick DeVivo. Patrick is a 14 year old blogger living in NYC. The site is not without flaws, but Patrick has done a great job putting the site together, and I believe it can be a place for kid bloggers to share ideas and connect with others.

When I first visited, I looked around, saw a few other young blogger names I know, and found the forum easy to use, so I registered. Getting started was easy. The profile section is fine, and lets you list several IM’s, but I’d like to see some more fields to add things like my twitter account:

There are some glitches in the navigation, as I found Patrick’s bio, but then couldn’t find how to get back to it again, but overall I had no problem finding the forum. Patrick says he reduced the ads, and I think he has a good balance of space. I encourage other kid bloggers to check out the Youth Blogger Network, and participate. Patrick is a huge fan of Wordpress, and can probably help other kid bloggers with some tips. Right now he’s running a contest with a prize of a Black Omni Wordpress theme.

Way to go, Patrick!

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3 Responses to “Youth Bloggers Network – Web Review”

  1. Patrick DeVivo Says:

    Hey Nick,
    Thanks for the mention and review. I’m happy you were able to check the site out. I could make some minor additions if you give me some more suggestions. I’ll be adding the Twitter profile field soon. The site is still in the process of growing, so any ideas you have would be great. I hope to see you around the forum and chat room.

  2. Zawan Says:

    yeah Youth Bloggers Network is a very good site… it has featured teens and is a nice community for young people
    I’ve visited it some time ago but i forgot about it
    thanks for reminding me!!

  3. Free Music Says:

    thanks for the heads up

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