Monster Movie Scoop! Cloverfield vs Mist Monster

Movie ReviewSomehow I’ve attracted the attention of Stephen King! I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, he’s creepy, but he heard I want/plan to be a writer and we’ve been emailing back and forth. Well, he knew about my early Cloverfield review and how into it I was, and he just …

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Hasbro Cloverfield Monster Figure – UNVEILED

Movie Review According to several sources, Hasbro will be unveiling their Cloverfield monster figure today, Feb. 15. Two members of Unfiction have claimed to receive notice of the unveiling after they pre-purchased the figure from Hasbro Toy Shop. If this is true, as soon as a picture is posted I’ll get it on here.(hat …

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Cloverfield (2008)

Movie ReviewRating (1-5):Cloverfield Review by NickOfficial Movie SiteFilm DetailsStarring: Mr. Grumpy Pants and his band of biting buggersGenre: Action, HorrorIf you like it, STUMBLE IT.Summary: I saw the Cloverfield monster, and it’s huge! A huge thrill ride, too.Okay, I know most of you want to get to the cloverfield review right away, so I’ll …

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