Youth Bloggers Network – Web Review

Website ReviewRating (1-5):Site:www.youthbloggers.netGenre: Community site and forumSummary:Since writing my first Kid Blogs and Kid Bloggers post, I knew a community would start to form for serious kid bloggers. The Youth Bloggers Network is on the right track!I was invited to check out the YBN by the founder and admin Patrick DeVivo. Patrick is a …

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Mandles, Web Kaleidoscope, and a Kid Blogger

Nick ChatterI saw this video commercial for Mandles! at RingtailSquealer, where I think ‘The Mrs’ got it from Whatever, it’s funny: always delivers. This time, a virtual Kaliedoscope. Good for wasting at least 10 minutes of your life amusing your eyeballs.Shout out to 12 year SnakeKing, another Kid Blogger does his thing!

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Welcome Kid Blogger: Zawan

Nick ChatterWelcome Zawan, of Sudan, to the community of kid bloggers! Your Zawan’s Blog is coming along well and has a good mix of topics. I encourage other kid bloggers to add Zawan to your list of sites to check out. And thanks for the KidReviewer mention.

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Kudos for a nice review

Nick ChatterDon Williams just wrote a very nice review of the KidReviewer blog, so I gotta give him a shout out — Thankee! Don writes a blog that covers Macs, apple computers, and iphones. According to his virtual map, he has visitors from all over the globe.Thanks again, Don!If you post a review of …

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Kid Blogs Added

Nick ChatterI just added a couple more kid blogs to the “Kid Blogs and Kid Bloggers” post: Meghna’s Pages – original stories and moreDeron’s Adventures – stories, reports, fun stuffSuper Money Kid – also by Daren, lots of ad stuff

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