Things I Don’t Like Girls to Do

Nick ChatterThey just posted my latest contribution at The article is titled Things I Don’t Like Girls to Do . I really like all kinds of girls, but I might get a few comments that disagree with my post. Yes, I know that boys have their faults too…maybe I’ll write about that another …

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Kid Blogs and Kid Bloggers

Nick Chatter When I started blogging, I thought it would be cool to make connections with other kid bloggers. But when I looked for them they were hard to find. (I didn’t count blogs like on myspace, where the site isn’t really blog, but just a place to network and tag each other.)Anywho…I figured …

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3 Things Not to get me for My Birthday

Nick Chatter I was recently asked to contribute regularly at, a great blog for parents. For my first post, I wrote about what I would NOT want for my birthday. The crazy thing is that #1 on my list was not to get a haircut, but then a week after submitting it I …

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Kid Blogging

Nick ChatterCool news: Chris Brogan posted about kid blogging and gave props to KidReviewer. Snap! Chris knows all about podcasting, and turned me on to links below and a site I will review soon. Thanks, had a good post about the reasons for kids to blog. Parents should check it out. World of …

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Announcing a New Voice for the Blogosphere

Blog LaunchMe at 10. Hold on to your popcorn. This place is about to get kid-whacked.

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