Star Wars Review – By a 3 Year Old

Video Game Review

Check out Emily. She rocks with her review of Star Wars…

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The Last Airbender 2010 Review

Movie Review

Rating (1-5):

Reviewed by Nick
Official Site:
Film Details

Genre: Fantasy
Summary: A horrendous failure of a film.

What I liked: Some of the effects looked nice, especially water bending.

Didn’t like: The worst thing I’ve seen from M. Night since Lady In the Water. I know all you fans are sitting there going,
“Yeahhh, he completely ruined the story!”. …

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My Top Five Movie Review Sites

Movie Review

1. Rotten Tomatoes – This one is the best in my opinion. They make it really easy to see what critics say about movies that are out, when ever you need to know. And multiple people can review it, so it gives you a mix of opinions. It’s not just one source. But …

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Avatar (2009) Movie Review

Movie Review

Guest Review by Harold Hisona
Jake Sully, a former marine, has been paralyzed with his broken body. He was confined in his wheelchair without a consolation of being able to recover from his current condition. Being a soldier, he never quits and keeps on fighting even inside him. He always wants to be a …

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Remember Me – Second Guessing Vampire Boy

Movie Review

Okay. So I saw the little tv spot for “Remember Me”, with Robert Pattinson, and it didn’t appeal to me at first. To me it looked like a stupid chick flick. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story such as “The Notebook”, which was a great movie. But this one just …

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