Cloverfield DVD video clips on YouTube

Movie ReviewThe Cloverfield DVD is scheduled to come out April 22nd, but there are videos out promoting it, showing off the art, deleted material, and a cool Featurette. I posted all the links on my Cloverfield movie blog, but I forgot one:Cloverfield Alternate EndingsI went frame by frame, and there’s a small piece of …

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Speed Racer Roaring to the Theaters

Movie ReviewFor those of you who haven’t seen the trailers on T.V., Speed Racer is coming out! Based on a cartoon, this movie looks like it was made to look like a real life cartoon. With the perfect little hair and lights, the trailers still make the movie look like a treat for your …

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Movie Trailers during Superbowl 2008

Movie ReviewThere were a bunch of movies hyped during the superbowl. I was interested in the trailers from these:Wanted Movie Trailer 2Looks very exciting.*****************************Ironman videoA marvel icon. A dude with jets in his boots. A great guitar opening. I’m there.*****************************Leatherheads Movie TrailerClooney was hilarious in Brother Where Art Thou. This one looks funny too.*****************************Semi-Pro …

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