Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Five Cool Features

Cool Web Sites

What can be done with Photoshop in the new CS5 is just sick. To think of the hours saved with some of these features. I wish I could afford it. Thanks to TerryWhiteTechBlog for the demo. Check out these five amazing tools:

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Toribash Fighting Game Review

Video Game Review

 Toribash is a physics-based fighting game, in which you click your “tori’s” joints, in order to make them contract, extend, raise, lower, or rotate. Doing so
with different combinations will allow your tori to do different moves, each customisable by the combination or parts you click. You can design your own moves with …

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My Top Five Movie Review Sites

Movie Review

1. Rotten Tomatoes – This one is the best in my opinion. They make it really easy to see what critics say about movies that are out, when ever you need to know. And multiple people can review it, so it gives you a mix of opinions. It’s not just one source. But …

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Fantastic Contraption – Fun for the Kid Engineer

Game ReviewRating (1-5):Site:www.FantasticContraption.comGenre: Puzzle/strategy gameSummary: Very easy to get started, good controls, and lots of fun.The Fantastic Contraption online game is extremely addictive. That is, of course, if you enjoy fun games, that make you think a little. The idea is to move a small ball or square into a ‘goal’ area. You move …

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Grooveshark-Lite Music Sharing Launch

Website ReviewRating (1-5):Reviewed by NickGrooveshark Music Sharing WebsiteType of Site: Music Sharing CommunityListen! is an awesome website for music lovers everywhere, and they just launched Grooveshark Lite. As a music lover I’m lovin’ it. It’s so easy to navigate through it. The easy-to-use style reminds me of Google. The search is extremely easy, …

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