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Website ReviewGlass Giant Web SiteRating (1-5):Reviewed by NickType of Site: Cool WidgetsCheck out I found this site because I wanted to make a sign for KidReviewer and it popped up on Google. I was amazed with how many types of sign-making tools there were. You can make signs from anything. You can customize …

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Kid Cartoonists Website Review

Website ReviewRating (1-5):Reviewed by NickKid Cartoonists Web SiteType of Site: Kid’s Cartoons and ArtCheck out It’s a great site for kid art. Kids submit their art and other people can freely view and comment on their work. I posted a drawing a while ago and I’m glad I did! This site could be …

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HackQuest – A Website of Fun Mental Challenges

Website ReviewRating (1-5):Reviewed by NickHackQuest Web SiteType of Site: Mental ChallengesI found in Google. I like this site because it provides very difficult mental challenges that make you think and learn. As you solve each challenge you are given a password, which is used to add points to your ongoing score. (You must …

Filed under: Cool Websites | Posted on October 28th, 2007 by Nick | 25 Comments »

Makai Media Gaming Web Site

Website ReviewRating (1-5):Reviewed by NickMakai Media Web SiteType of Site: Skill/Arcade GamesSummary:Found some cool games here. This is a good site for skill games and fun timewasters. The graphics are pretty nice. There are over 30 games, but I put links to a few of them below.Sea DogsMakai CheckersVine SwingH-O-R-S-ESpeartossVolcano JumpRat WheelGarage Door TennisJugglingVideo …

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