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Reviewed by Nick
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Type: Driving game; PS2 version

Summary:The best racing game I’ve played.

What I liked: The good thing is, unlike all other racing games, when you crash, you actually CRASH. You don’t just bounce of the wall, you get broken to bits, and have the power to explode, sometimes killing other racers. You hit traffic into other racers for points, you can drive enemies into walls, trains, off mountains, heck you can land on enemies for an arial takedown. This game is so awesome. There’s also a mode just to see how many cars you can crash and make the biggest pile-up. I definetly recommend this game for all ages.

Didn’t like: This game is perfect, except, when you get really good you might go so fast you can’t see anything. Blazing speeds when you use the boost trigger.

Additional: Pay attention to the stats when your picking your car. The top speed, weight and force are all very important and could win or lose a race for you. Ok, this part is critical: If you’re doing a race where you have to hit traffic, racers, or cause a huge pile up, force and speed will help big-time. The higher the force, the bigger the explosion, while the faster the car, the more initial impact damage. Cars with higher speed and force will be unlocked as you progress in the game. The lighter the car, the faster it goes, but the more damage it takes and is harder to control.

You can explode after you have been taken down or wrecked, by pressing R2. But be patient and HOLD R1!!! This will put the crash in slow-mo and you will be able to see more clearly if an enemy is coming up. Also, if an enemy racer has taken you down ealier in the race, watch out for a red icon above the car. If you take him out you will have a revenge takedown and will receive extra points. Take down your enemies in creative ways for style points, and get a record in takedown style to receive animated trophies at the end of the race. Enjoy the game and look forward to the awesome cars and tracks. =)

photo of Burnout Revenge video game Smack your opponents’ cars into slower traffic, or send them flying into a store window.
photo of Burnout Revenge video game Hit your boost and scream through intersections. Settings modeled after exotic locations like Tokyo have both wide open freeways and tight back-alleys.
photo of Burnout Revenge video game Hit your crashbreaker trigger during a crash to destroy any opponents around you.
photo of Burnout Revenge video game Many races may end in fiery infernos, but that is half the fun.

Recommend for: All ages, but some adults might find this game to be to violent for kids under 7.

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8 Responses to “Burnout Revenge for PS2”

  1. VC Dan Says:

    Sounds cool — I always thought racing games should have a full-crash mode.

    BTW, we saw a visual masterpiece this weekend: House of Flying Daggers. I’d love to hear what you thought after seeing. I understand Hero (same Director) is stronger story-wise, but I can’t imagine much prettier scenery/action.

  2. Nick Says:

    Thanks for the tip, vcdan. We’ll add that to the list, but our sites are set this week on the premier of The 300. We’re gonna be all over it come Friday. THIS….IS….KIDREVIEWER!!!!

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