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Free online games are addicting, interactive, and all over the web. Many people are looking to find free games online, including flash, shockwave, action, shooting games, and rpg games online. To help you sort it all out, I’ve listed some good resources for online games below. I will add to this list over time, so save this page to find your free online games:

Free Online Game “mega” websites:

These sites have hundreds of games. The games span many categories, including Arcade, Action, Shooting, RPG (role playing game), Puzzles, Strategy, Sports, Racing, Lifestyle, Cards & Board, and Casino games. – One of my favorites for quick, mindless fun. Full of Flash and Shockwave based games, and you can play online or download them. This site is affiliated with and
(Click here for a 10-Day Free Trial of Club Shockwave Unlimited play on 400 games.) – I really like this one. It has lots of cool games, many uploads from developers all over. It also has music, art, and videos. – big list of games and ability to create cartoons and animations too – 2000 free online games. Visuals look nice but I didn’t see many players in their forum. – you can earn tokens playing these games and trade them in for prizes – I wasn’t impressed with the layout of this site – visually appealing site also has system for winning prizes playing games – One of the oldest gaming megasites. They offer tips on what game trends are hot right now Over 1 billion game downloads. Creators of mega-hit Bejeweled. – lots o games, but also over 1 million posts in their forums to help answer your gaming questions – part of AOLgames, boasts 1500 games and 36,000 players – 182 free online games and 877 PC download games when I checked.

More Online Game Sites

These sites offer a pretty similar interface and approach. They each have many, many games, but feel like they are just the same information with a different skin: – 3,914 games. Huge link list on home page to jump to it. – Nothing too fancy, just chocked full of games – Over 2,000 games listed.


These sites are dedicated to the role-playing-games and massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-games. In these games you can be playing in a world with thousands of other game players interacting in real-time with you and each other. It is almost like living inside of a story or movie. The game is never the same from minute to minute, because it is driven by the decisions of all of the players in the game at that time, and most of all you! – Great site for RPG games. Offers tips, insights and more than just game links – nice imagery put me right in the RPG mood. Many genres, boards, resources – not great visually, but they give you star ratings on many games right from the home page

Note: As of the posting of this list, some of my advertisers offer free online games and rpg games. I’ve played them a bunch and enjoyed the heck out of them. I’ve gotten my dad and uncle to play them with me, and we could team up for some fun adventures. Just wanted you to know!

There are dozens more gaming sites, and I’ll add to this list as I check them out. There are also alot of game sites that are just the same, so I want to find gaming sites that bring you something new.

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