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¬†Toribash is a physics-based fighting game, in which you click your “tori’s” joints, in order to make them contract, extend, raise, lower, or rotate. Doing so
with different combinations will allow your tori to do different moves, each customisable by the combination or parts you click. You can design your own moves with this. In the game, it starts a match with your tori, facing another tori, in a completely blank room in which there is only you two, and you fight. The way you fight, is there is a number of turn frames, (varying depending on the mod you are using) and you click out your moves, press space, and a certain number of turn frames go by. Then you click your next move, and so on. You can see what you are about to do by your “ghost”, which is a semi-transparent outline of you, moving into the future according to what combination of parts you click.

One of my favorite features is that you can play online with the Multiplayer feature. In order to keep things moving, you only have a certain amount of time to click out your move, before the turn frames jump ahead. If you’re fast, you can end your turn early with space. There are alot of people on multiplayer, so you always fight someone new. Some people even have “skins” or “textures”, which are basically outfits or themes you can buy for your tori via “tori credits”. Online, you are given a rank, and a belt. The more games you win with toribash multiplayer, the lower your rank goes, and the higher your belt gets. I am currently a black belt, but there are some people who have 3rd and 4th dan black belts, and so on. Everyone starts at “unranked” and with a white belt. I really like that aspect because it challenges you to break away from the stereotyping of being called a “noob” everytime someone sees your belt/rank, and you keep fighting until you win and become better.

I made a fan vid from toribash excerpts, so you can get a feel for what the action can be like:

You don’t have to fight in multiplayer mode though, you can fight against a lifeless tori, called “Uke”, in Free Play mode. You can even click Uke, and make moves for him, so you can choreograph a fight between the two, exactly how you want it. You can also save your replays in any mode. Aside from the multiplayer feature, I would have to say I’ve spent literally hours clicking away with the Mod list. You can get to this list by going to Setup>Mods. This is a list of mods that people have made, that you can fight in. Some have buildings, some have swords and knives, and some shake the game up completely and allow you to parkour or skateboard.

I think Toribash is an awesome game. Yes, you have to download it, but its 100% free. The latest version as of right now I believe, is 3.9. So heres a link to the toribash website where you can download it, and hopefully you go check it out. Honestly, the first couple weeks I was playing with it, I thought it was so hard, that I almost gave up. But once you get the hang of it I PROMISE you, you will not be able to tear away from the computer. If you like physics games, and fighting games, Toribash is the game for you.

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