We Cheer Wii Video Game Review

Video Game Review
We Cheer Wii Video Game

Rating (1-5): 4.5 Pom Poms!

Reviewed by DJ
Genre: Wii Active Game

Summary: DJ of AwesomeWebShow.com gives a kids video review of We Cheer Wii video game — 4.5 pom-poms. And KidReviewer gives you a chance to win a free copy of the game!

When I received a copy of the new We Cheer Wii video game by NAMCO BANDAI, I knew that DJ of AwesomeWebShow.com would do a great job of reviewing it, so I sent it to her right away. She doesn’t disappoint, and told me she had a great time playing it. She put it through a work-out, and vice-versa, and shares plenty of screen shots and her praise in this video review. Thanks, DJ!

Her rating includes:
Graphics & Music = 4 pom poms
Storyline = 4.5 pom poms
Gameplay & Difficulty = 5 pom poms

We Cheer Wii game giveaway!

Step 1: Post a link to this review on your blog or website before Jan. 1st 2009.

Step 2: Leave a comment telling me where you posted the link, or email the url to nick@kidreviewer.com. OR – TWITTER entry method: twitter this message “RT Please pick me @kidreviewer to win the Wii game giveaway at http://www.kidreviewer.com/2008/11/we-cheer-wii-video-game-review.html”

Step 3: I will randomly draw one name from all entries and send you a sealed copy of We Cheer by NAMCO BANDAI.

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12 Responses to “We Cheer Wii Video Game Review”

  1. redknowshow Says:

    I just tweeted this giveaway. Follow me if you’d like @AndProulx

  2. Shel Says:

    I tweeted:

    My daughter would love this game.

  3. Justthefacts Says:

    Great game for my daughter!

  4. zawanahmed@hotmail.com Says:

    HI Nick,
    what grade are you in?

  5. Nick Says:

    Zawan,ur everywhere! im in 6th

  6. nick Says:

    sorry my names nick 2 from teen reviewer

  7. zawan Says:

    Hi, Nick, another question: how old are you? i thought you said you were fourteen.

    Regarding the award, ofcourse, if you think you deserve it you can reward it to yourself. that’s what i wrote on the post!

  8. Nick Says:

    Which nick kid reviewer or teenreviewer?

  9. teenreviewer Says:

    Cause if you mean me, comment on my blog!!

  10. zawan Says:

    Hi Nick, what’s your favorite band?
    I think the Fray rock. Do you have a hotmail, we can chat!

  11. Cedrick Schwichtenber Says:

    buenos dias, grand blog on suety loss. like helped.

  12. Liane Mefford Says:

    I just got this in via Gamefly. After playing nothing but Modern Warfare 2 on both platforms for a month now, this looks like it will be a nice breath of fresh air.

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