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For some reason I never came across BuzzFeed before, but at first glance it looked pretty cool, so I thought I would put one on here for awhile. It’s a social network that shows pictures of sites/subjects that you, all of us, click on. It records the clicks, and keeps the box filled with the sites that get the most clicks…Buzz.

They describe on their site this way: “The web is a 24/7 popularity contest. Help the good stuff win.”

It helps people find interesting things or cool trends, like Stumble does, but it’s pretty neat how BuzzFeed puts the number of clicks right on the pictures. Every day on their site they list quick comments about 10 sites that people are clicking on alot.

Via BuzzFeed

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  1. Erika Says:

    Hi Michael! I’m IN LOVE with this series! Sooooooo cool! I’m now oessbsed and want to make sure I can grab each one but here’s a terribly annoying question: Do you know if Acme is releasing them at midnight on the days available, or will it be randomly at some point in the day? We are out of town with family on the 6th when two of the prints become available, and I’m neurotically worried that if I don’t get to one in the early minutes of the release, I’ll be out of luck! Any ideas on the best way to know the instant they’re available to buy? Thanks so much!!!!!

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