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Genre: Puzzle/strategy game

Summary: Very easy to get started, good controls, and lots of fun.

The Fantastic Contraption online game is extremely addictive. That is, of course, if you enjoy fun games, that make you think a little. The idea is to move a small ball or square into a ‘goal’ area. You move it be creating a contraption out of wheels, sticks of wood, and paths of water. You can sling, swing, push, pull, flip, create tanks, all sorts of stuff with just a couple of tools. It’s very easy to get started, but you might spend hours on the computer just working away at a contraption at the higher levels (if you don’t cheat and look up the solutions on Youtube). And even when you finish, you can go back and do each level differently! You can save your solutions and send the link to your friends or post them on your website. There’s a sample solution in the video below, but the fun is in trying to come up with your own.


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