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Grooveshark Music Sharing Website
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Listen! is an awesome website for music lovers everywhere, and they just launched Grooveshark Lite. As a music lover I’m lovin’ it. It’s so easy to navigate through it. The easy-to-use style reminds me of Google. The search is extremely easy, and the page effects slide in and out super smooth and fast. You can find artists, songs, albums, etc. And easily too!
Not only can you find millions of songs, you can listen to them all free!

Once you set up your own account you can save music to a play list and quickly hear your music where you arrive. Organize your music and share lists, or Y see what people are looking up the most by clicking the Popular button, or view recent searches by clicking Recent. If you don’t know what your looking for you can always click on All Music and just browse.

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They also have a system where you can earn credit towards free songs by participating and sharing with others. The three founders from the University of Florida are attempting to bring a common sense, legal solution which the music industry has been unable to resolve. Grooveshark has a cool system where people search for music through a community of rated participants. If they find a song on your computer, and buy it, the artist gets paid, and SO DO YOU! This way everybody’s happy.

They have over 5000 beta users to get things started, and expect to create “feeding frenzy” according to founder-CEO Sam Tarantino

Some quotes:

“Grooveshark tracks the best users so you know who can be trusted to deliver quality content.” -Mashable

“Grooveshark is an exciting company in the P2P music market.” – Josh Catone, ReadWriteWeb

“So far Grooveshark gets two thumbs up from me.” – Leslie Poston, Profy

“…hell-bent on changing the music industry.” -Steve Spalding, How to Split an Atom

Check it out!

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One Response to “Grooveshark-Lite Music Sharing Launch”

  1. Henry Says:

    Quite a great website! However, I found a website that goes further than Grooveshark:

    This is also free, this is also legal and it’s music-on-demand, but the design is greaaaaaat and the catalogue bigger than any other one.

    I strongly recommend it!

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