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Reviewed by Nick
Kid Cartoonists Web Site
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Check out It’s a great site for kid art. Kids submit their art and other people can freely view and comment on their work. I posted a drawing a while ago and I’m glad I did! This site could be a site for new and upcoming kid artists to post pictures, or just a place for kids who love to draw, like me.

Here are a couple of the drawings I liked there:

By Moriah, age 12

By Nikki, age 12

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3 Responses to “Kid Cartoonists Website Review”

  1. Meghna Says:

    hi Nick,
    this is a great site. i too like to draw so i’ll submit some of my pics soon. liked your’s!

    Happy new Year :D

  2. Bryce Camberos Says:

    It has been a wonderful read whilst I waited on the movie being available. Terrific write-up.

  3. Roland Joffe Says:

    Insightful thoughts here. Are you hopeful this is the right way to look at it though? My personal experience is that everyone should pretty much live and let live because what one person examines as just — another person simply doesn’t. Human beings are going to do what they want to do. In the end, they always do. The best we can hope for is to distinguish a few things here and there that hopefully, allows them to make just a little better informed decision. Otherwise, great post. You’re definitely making me think! –Ben

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