Mandles, Web Kaleidoscope, and a Kid Blogger

Nick Chatter

I saw this video commercial for Mandles! at RingtailSquealer, where I think ‘The Mrs’ got it from Whatever, it’s funny: always delivers. This time, a virtual Kaliedoscope. Good for wasting at least 10 minutes of your life amusing your eyeballs.

Shout out to 12 year SnakeKing, another Kid Blogger does his thing!

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One Response to “Mandles, Web Kaleidoscope, and a Kid Blogger”

  1. Phan Says:

    moody LOL! Egw sto US TV diabasa apo sxiloo pws einai ena teras pou eksfendonizei alla mikrotera. De 8elw oute na to skeftomai… Elpizw na aksizei giati eimai poly “hyped” gia thn tainia! (K parolo pou den exw diabasei poly Lovecraft o K8oulou mythos einai k gamw)

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